Botella de fragancia generally come in seven color styles: champagne (obviously for sparkling wine), antique (higher end color which is actually brown), dead leaf green (chardonnay), transition, amber, dark green, and flint (clear). Within these colors there are 30 shapes available to suit any varietal a winery is producing. These bottles must also be available in standard and screw cap openings. However, most screw cap bottles are for the wines that will be consumed within approximately a year of filling.
Still there are more considerations. The indent on the bottom of the bottle is called a "punt". There are three options for the bottoms of a wine bottle-flat, mini punt and full punt. The feel of a full punt is like a cork; it has a wonderful tactile feel. Most people want to know what the purpose of a punt; short answer is-nothing. But, deep punts are one of the characteristics of more expensive wine bottles.
After buying the grapes and considering the costs associated with a winery's labor, and property and facilities costs, the Botella de porcelana blanca is their next biggest expense in producing a bottle of wine. The bottle decision is often based upon the look and feel a particular winemaker thinks will draw attention to the wine. Research has shown that a heavier bottle, with a deep punt does project perceived quality to the consumer.
Occasionally the consumer sees a mid-range, and even occasionally a premium winery offering a boxed (called alternative packaging) wine on the shelves. This container format has been around for 40 years and is not new. In addition, over the past 4 years some manufacturers have started offering a lightweight Botella de aceite esencial. Any of these non-traditional/alternative packaging options are really designed to reduce distribution costs by reducing weight and handling costs.