Life of these pipes is more than any other material. These can easily remain as упаковочная пленка is for the period of 7 to 15 years whereas most of the metal pipes need replacement and cleaning after a year. Resistant to acid. Because Пленка ПЭТ с твист-эффектом are resistant to most of the chemicals so these are extensively used in agricultural farming where the pipes are exposed to number of chemicals, fertilizers, varied temperatures and withering soil.
These are very tough and resistant to fracturing. As these are not heavy so wont shatter if dropped from dropped from height. Also the flexibility of these pipes make them to resist breaking under pressure. Hence perfect for underground applications.
As these do not corrode so wont change the quality of water running inside. When used in sewage system, the smooth interior surface of PET пленка wont allow anything to stick on it thus reduces the chances of clogging.PVC pipes are made from thermal resistant material so these are ideal for thermal resisting applications and used as insulation pipes. These do not catch fire so easily as the source of fire has to be constantly keep burning to burn the PVC. Hence these are almost fire resistant.